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Agriculture Solutions
Agri Solutions

Corporate Services and Structured Finance Advisory - SEER Financial Group

Investment in Agriculture

SEER Agrisolutions Perth specializes in the management of your investments in the Agisolutions sector. As a firm founded on the land to support farmers and graziers, we understand the issues and concerns of the sector better than any other. Our specialised corporate, accounting and advisory services support clients ranging from producers and distributors, corporates, government agencies, financiers, and investors to those involved in research and development, marketing, manufacturing, processing, transport, exporting and retail.

Given that most of our directors come from the land particularly in Agrisolutions Perth and have worked in agricultural businesses themselves, our experience spans the agribusiness life cycle from supply chain management through to structuring and production focusing on sub-sectors of primary producers and associate supply chain stakeholders.

Many of our clients are industry leaders and we act for some of Australia’s largest private companies and family-based operators as well as many international investor groups. Our expertise includes rural property transactions (sales, acquisitions, tenders and auctions), environment and water issues, capital raising, commercial contracts, and family business restructuring. We understand agribusiness from every angle and work closely with our experts in property, corporate, foreign investment, estate administration and succession planning, taxation and technology to provide a holistic and tailored service.

In an increasingly global market, our experience focusses on the future, helping our clients anticipate the impact of that next challenge whether caused by forces of nature, market fluctuations or government policy to minimise business impacts.

The JBC Approach

With over 30 years of experience, SEER Financial Group delivers service to clients in the areas of Agronomy, Livestock Production, Business Strategy and Performance, Human Resources and Employment Services, Industry Research and Project Delivery. Our advisors work together to add real value to your business.

You are constantly facing unknowns, challenges and untapped opportunities. We guide you forward to safely innovate and transform by:

  • Aligning your organisation’s vision, goals, and actions, even in highly charged situations. We help you consider factors and risks, develop measures for transformation and steps for success for your Agrisolutions Perth.
  • Improve management performance by more confidently be able make decisions that combine smart technology with hindsight, insight and foresight. Better execute operationally and proactively manage emerging risks, complexity and scale.
  • Enable enterprise governance through better control, direct or regulate organisational performance.  Working collaboratively, we provide evidence-based advice – enabling you to improve governance and effectively meet legal, strategic, community and environmental obligations.
  • Hone enterprise risk management by ensuring your enterprise risk management activities support executive decision-making. Understand risk appetite and biases affecting your culture and agrisolutions perth is the best we can do; to identify and track critical controls; and build better risk processes. Gain meaningful insights through business simulation, testing, and analytics.
  • Framework to realise to ensure you can prioritise and identify the right investments through our benefits agrisolutions perth management framework.

Our Services

Our Business Consultants analyse, strategize and take actions that will immediately demonstrate the benefits of partnering with SEER by vision and goal setting, business analysis, providing insight, developing a plan, and measuring success.

SEER Financial Group’s Agrisolutions Perth business consulting division offers the following services:

  • Corporate tax, finance, and management advisory.
  • Financial management: a review of all your business finances and budget preparation/recommendations.
  • Enterprise analysis: analysing and comparing the profitability of the various farm enterprises.
  • Conducting audits: audit farm performance against industry standards.
  • Preparing reports: mid-year, end-of-season and as required.
  • Benchmarking: a personalised assessment of where you are benchmarked in your region.
  • Asset purchase recommendations: a thorough analysis of asset purchase proposal with respect to return on investment and contribution to the enterprise as they arise.

Corporate Services and Structured Finance Advisory

Our Corporate Advisory services assist businesses at all stages of the business life-cycle, from start up to maturity, to identify and implement their objectives. We provide practical, hands on advice and transactional support in a variety of areas including:

  • Tax structuring and strategy advice.
  • Listing and takeover advice and support
  • Analysis and advice regarding business transactions
  • Due diligence
  • Valuations
  • External and contract CFO
  • Company Secretary and Non-Executive Directorship appointments
  • Structuring advice
  • Registered Office services

Every stage of the business life cycle comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities.

Our corporate advisory team provides business owners, investors, directors, and executives with practical advice on growth strategies that will best increase the value of your business. SEER Financial Group’s approach is built on a client-first mindset. We invest the time to get to know your business objectives and strategy. We offer our experience to challenges and opportunities and give you the confidence you need to make decisions that will help your business grow safely.


We bring you a network that covers all facets of a complex transaction and the capacity to deal with the challenges and unexpected that deliver increased value and superior results for our clients.

Property Management

Due to our comprehensive understanding of Western Australian farmland property, we can assist clients in navigating the agriculture investment market to deliver the most profitable outcomes for each of our clients.  We provide property management services for corporate and absentee landowners covering all areas of decision making.

This requires the adoption of new technologies, the implementation of innovative practices and the consideration of enterprise mix. These elements are efficiently analysed using the skill and experience gained over many years.

With the ever-changing agricultural landscape, developing and evolving farm plans and systems is an ongoing requirement. This entails consideration of technical, managerial, and legal requirements whilst considering the challenges of fluctuating agriculture conditions and variable production costs.

 For all clients, SEER Financial Group implements preparation for emergency and natural disasters to mitigate the potential negative effects. This is another way we focus attention on the importance of providing wholistic agricultural property management and agribusiness management services.

Farm or Agri Business Advisory Board

Additional to the many consulting platforms that we can offer your business, we can help create, and even sit on or chair your property or Business Advisory Board.

In larger agribusiness organisations, and particularly those with multiple partners, the establishment of an advisory board is proving to be an extremely beneficial step for both the business and the families in terms of fostering effective communication plus bringing rigour and professionalism to the business.

Transaction Advisory

We leverage our extensive experience and market knowledge, drawing on local and global expertise, to deliver and advise on a successful transaction outcome in any sector.

Land Economics

Sophisticated property market advice and take-up forecasts for employment and population is shaped by best-in-class research and market insights. We provide realistic quantification of uplift and benefits associated with transformative projects including significant infrastructure and urban regeneration.

Property Market Analysis

Our team performs market analysis for any asset or precinct, so you can understand underlying demand and make informed decisions on your future property strategy.

Land Use Policy and Strategy

Policies and strategies that impact property are built on our real market understanding. We consult and advise on these strategies which enable financially sound developments and produce strong employment opportunities.

Financial Analysis

Determine the optimal economic return of your property strategy with sound financial analysis in areas including cash flow analysis, financial forecasting, risk simulation and statistical analysis.

Development Advisory

We work with you to realise and meet development objectives, deliver strong financial results through analysis of commercial options, and represent your interest with counterparties.

SEER Financial Group delivers independent and relevant advice tailored to your business needs. Our professional and highly skilled advisors work with you to improve your business and achieve your SEER Financial Group delivers independent and relevant advice tailored to your business needs. Our professional and highly skilled advisors work with you to improve your business and achieve your goals.

Compliance and Accounting Services

SEER Financial Group offset the following accounting and compliance services:

  • Development of production systems for cropping, sheep and cattle.
  • Annual budget and review including three-way cash flows and bankable feasibility studies.
  • Staff selection and management including those engaged under services agreements.
  • Strategic business planning which includes introductions to key industry stakeholders.
  • Marketing of business production and assistance in developing integrated supply chains.
  • Cashbook preparation and the publication of management accounts monthly.
  • Preparation of financial statements, income tax returns and board reporting.
  • Payment of accounts.
  • Property and other asset sourcing and acquisition.
  • Development of business systems

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