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Delivering outcomes that
grow your business
keep you in business
protect your family
secure your wealth
Delivering outcomes that
grow your business
keep you in business
protect your family
secure your wealth
Want business growth and assistance with difficult business conditions?
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Turnaround & Restructuring

Is Your Business in Distress?

The JBC Corporate Services professional team, consisting of in-house experts certified in ARITA, offers a distinctive and tailored turnaround & restructuring service. Our process begins by conducting a risk evaluation to pinpoint and rank critical issues impacting your business operations.

We then help you address corporate and personal exposures for financial stability and long-term success. This service is also beneficial for non-distressed businesses looking to restructure for asset protection and tax efficiency.

With our experienced Business turnaround & restructuring Team, we can lead in arranging new finance or restructuring existing finance if needed. This will allow you the time to refocus on your business and ensure you can maximise cash flows.

The JBC Approach

We collaborate with you to gather essential business information for your decision-making. This involves grasping your business goals and creating growth plans while proactively identifying and addressing potential issues.

This approach results in the following benefits for your business:

  1. We work with you to seek out the information about your business that allows you to make commercially viable decision to progress your turnaround in performance.
  2. Proactive monitoring and projection of the business’s cash position and future cash position to ensure your doors stay open;
  3. Access to our specialist network of legal, financial and other commercial service providers who can assist in supporting the business’s broader requirements and restructure debt and liabilities; and
  4. Peace of mind in the knowledge that the business’s tax returns and financial report have been completed thoroughly and with profit maximisation in mind.

Other Advisory services

Are Your Business and Personal Assets Protected?

JBC Corporate prioritizes client protection, covering both tax liabilities and asset safeguarding. Unlike many tax-centric accountants, we recognise the importance of asset protection in structuring and restructuring your affairs.

Our expertise in business structures, asset protection, and income tax enables us to create a tax-efficient asset protection plan for your business.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

“Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it.”

William Durant

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."

Colin Powell

"One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency"

Arnold H. Glasow

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Structure and Re-structuring

The core of asset protection lies in your business structure.

Choosing the wrong structure can lead to unexpected consequences if insolvency or other issues arise. Make sure your structure aligns with your asset protection strategy.

Personal Liabilities Imposed by Statute

Legislation may also impose liability on a Director which could lead to them being pursued personally. 

We are often advised by our clients that their previous accountant or lawyer did not advise them of this at the outset.

This is important to note, as it can result in personal creditor pursuit and even bankruptcy.

Personal or Director Guarantees

Offering personal guarantees for business debts can lead to unexpected legal repercussions.

These guarantees can strip away the protection your business structure provides, potentially exposing you to personal liability if you can’t repay the debts. Moreover, this may even result in personal bankruptcy if your business fails.

Loan Review and Restructuring

Understanding how loans between businesses and individuals can impact insolvency is crucial.

It’s important to consider loans in your financial planning and when preparing financial statements, as they can affect both you and other entities if one party becomes insolvent.


In discussions about asset protection, it’s crucial to consider the exchange of security, whether it’s real estate or personal belongings.

We collaborate with commercial and insolvency lawyers to safeguard your position through proper registrations using well-drafted legal documents.

Corporate Finance & Transactions

JBC Corporate Services offers full transaction support services for your organization, making major deals smoother and more successful.

We optimize transaction value, whether it’s for stock market listings, public takeovers, pre-acquisition, pre-sale vendor support, or vendor due diligence. Our services extend beyond financial due diligence, providing added advantages for a competitive edge.

Acquisition due diligence

JBC Corporate Services offers expert due diligence and M&A services to corporate and equity clients.

We collaborate with specialists from various domains to meet our clients’ due diligence needs, providing commercial support from deal screening to in-depth analysis for confident buying or lending decisions.

Vendor assistance

Management teams aiming to sell their business want to maximize the outcome while handling the time-consuming preparation for the sale.

At JBC Corporate Services, we collaborate with you to enhance your skills and resources, assisting in overcoming challenges before and during the sale. 

Our integrated approach leverages our experience to efficiently tackle the issues that arise in a divestment process.

Sale & purchase agreement advice

JBC Corporate Services provides advice, conducts audits, and performs due diligence to evaluate the consequences of transaction contracts we negotiate.

This encompasses purchase price adjustment mechanisms and the principles governing completion accounts in share purchase agreements.

Leveraging our vast experience in transaction disputes and collaborating closely with our client’s legal team, we assist in crafting contractual solutions for any accounting or commercial concerns that may arise.

Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Dispute & Resolution

Taxpayers can find themselves in cashflow constraints as a result of a market downturn or an off-peak period and it is important to know that options are available in difficult times.

JBC Corporate has a vast knowledge of business structures which is coupled with our pragmatic commercial methodology enables us to provide workable solutions to situations with immediate cashflow constraints.

Dealings with the ATO or OSR on your behalf

The Federal and State tax authorities have a policy of working with businesses to solve their ATO debt issues. If you do the right thing, you can expect a fair hearing. Often, the most important step is to let the ATO or OSR know that you are not ignoring your debt (that you are dealing with it and you are getting professional help in doing so).

If the tax authorities are not informed that you are trying to resolve your debt problem, you are likely to incur more fines and they will likely instigate much harsher measures, including legal action against your business and, you in a personal capacity if you are a director.

JBC Corporate can contact the ATO or OSR on your behalf, update them as to your situation and seek additional time while assessing your finances to find the best way to resolve your ATO tax debt problem.

Assistance in deferring or reducing your tax obligations

JBC Corporate bring a cool head and the pragmatism, skills, and the experience needed to help you solve your tax debt problem. We know how to access the right information, identify the best possible options, and implement a strategy to get the result you need.

Unless we find a substantial error in your assessment, we can’t make your tax bill vanish. However, we will likely find a manageable tax solution to deal with even the most difficult tax debt problem.

Regardless of the course of action we will provide you with the professional support you require each step of the way.

Startup Guidance

JBC have assisted numerous start-ups successfully with their individual journeys.

Being seasoned entrepreneurs ourselves and having skin in numerous ventures has provided us with the expertise and understanding as to what it takes to be lean when starting a journey.

The JBC Approach

We place emphasis on developing and improving your business model to increase the value of your business.

This coupled with cost-effective compliance and business advisory services ensures your new business is positioned to achieve its goals and deal with whatever the market may throw its way.

Property & Development Expertise

Whether you’re a property developer novice or a seasoned veteran of the game, JBC can assist you to leverage the most out of your property and guide you towards your development goals.

Our property team has in-depth knowledge of the work that goes into property development and understands that there’s more to the success of your business than just accounts and asset servicing.

By reflecting on your goals and the progress of your development, JBC will ensure that you’re continually meeting the milestones that will result in your development hitting the market.

If you’re being challenged by the numerous speed bumps the industry tends to through at you, we’ll help you quickly recover to alleviate any setbacks.

By streamlining processes to save time and resources and helping to negotiate with stakeholders along the way, we will ensure your goals are met and that you remain financially stable while doing so.

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